Woman Crush Wednesday: Joy Williams

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Joy Williams who is one half of the duo the Civil Wars has been a style inspiration (and a musical one) since I discovered the band about 2 or 3 years ago.  A friend of mine sent me their album and I fell in love. Joy has an incredible voice and is incredibly beautiful to match. She always has this air of calm about her and always looks so cool and collected.  Even though the band is on hiatus (she and John Paul White, the other half of the duo, are not on speaking terms) they are releasing a new album very very soon and from what I've heard of it so far, it's going to be just a great if not better than the debut.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Hannah Snowdon

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
I first came across Miss Snowdon in her Inked Girls spread.  He angular haircut and huge brown eyes caught my eye. As did her tattoos. They are, along with her blunt fringe, her trademark.  They also show off her signature tattooing style as Hannah is a tattooist herself. She has a very distinct simplistic ornamental style of tattooing that I love.  She's also dating some guy in some band, but that's totally irrelevant and has nothing to do with why I think she's great.

Woman Crush Wednesday (a day late...again): Coline

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coline runs Et pourquoi pas Coline. It's all in French so there is a good portion of it I can't understand without my computer's translation, but she's absolutely adorable and has one of the most unique senses of style I've seen in a while.  She just got this new short haircut too, which I absolutely love (I'm loving short hair lately).  I'm a new fan of Coline, so I don't know much about her, but I watch her videos just to hear her speak French and she continues to be a huge influence on my style.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Rooney Mara (duh)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anyone who knows me has no doubt that Rooney Mara is my ultimate style icon/woman crush. Her style is so classic and clean and sophisticated. Neutral colors and classic pieces, nothing trendy or gaudy.  Her sleek hairstyle is one that I've often copied (and also had before I knew who she was, which is weird). I've often been told I resemble her, which is the world's biggest compliment and I love it every time anyone says it.
Her role in the Girl with the Dragon tattoo fueled the fire for both my obsession with the book series and her acting and I haven't been the same since.  I'm annoying with my incessant idolization but I don't care. She's perfection personified.
She is also the face of Calvin Klein's new fragrance Down Town which I'm excited to go check out.  The commercial for it is adorable too.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Keiko Lynn (a day late)

Thursday, July 4, 2013
I first discovered Miss Keiko Lynn about a year ago when I was looking up how to die a headscarf.  I found it, and I found her as well. Her blog is absolutely adorable and feminine and sweet without being saccharine.  I find myself actually taking her makeup and hair advice and admiring her outfits (though I doubt I could pull most of them off).
I look at her pictures daily and admire her style and her life but in a totally not creepy way.  She appeals to the retro sure feminine side of me that I rarely get to express, but she has inspired me to express it a bit more.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Maggie Leadman from NoirOhio Vintage

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So here marks the first post in my first series of weekly posts (something to keep my lazy ass posting regularly). It felt right to being the Woman Crush Wednesday posts with someone who has been my style icon for around 10 years. I've been communicating with Maggie online for yes, 10 years. Wow that's a long time.  From the days of Livejournal to the days of legit blogging, Maggie has been someone I look to for style inspiration for a decade now.  I've watched her style evolve and become sophisticated and her vintage shop, NoirOhio Vintage is always full of great finds.

Hats off to you Maggie my dear, you always look amazing and I look forward to keeping up with your style for another 10 years.

Visit her blog HERE