Friday, May 31, 2013
Just discovered this new tattoo lifestyle magazine called "Things and Ink." My first thought was "finally."  This is a tattoo magazine geared towards women. To my knowledge it's is the ONLY tattoo magazine geared towards women.  

We've all been bombarded with images of oiled up tattooed women with big boobs popping out of their shirts, coy smirks and pulling on their underwear, well I don't know about you but after the novelty wore off I've just seemed to be rolling my eyes.  Every "tattoo lifestyle" magazine has girls with porn star measurements (disclaimer: I'm not saying anything bad about women with these measurements, but that is only ONE example of tattooed woman) on the cover with words that pop to (male) viewers like "SEX" and "WET" and "WILD."  These images next to these words are clearly and unmistakeably geared towards men. So what are we supposed to do? Yes there are women who buy these magazines and "love" them, but I tend to wonder if they actually like the magazines or just want to fall in line and be the cool girl who likes tattooed boobs too. (Read Ariel Levy's "Female Chauvinist Pigs" for more insight on this)

I'm all for every woman deciding what she wants to do with her own body and if she wants to pose scantily clad for a magazine, by all means... But those of us girls who have tattoos and appreciate tattoo culture and don't look like inked up Playboy models are left in the dust wondering why WE aren't represented in these magazines and why we can't flip through one without seeing the same sort of advertising blasted at us by mainstream media.  This is supposed to be counterculture, so why are we still feeling the sting of "men like women who look like this, don't look like this? better get to it!?"  Let's face it, these are men's magazines. FHM and Maxim...just with tattooed models.

Finally a magazine exists in the world that doesn't scream sex at us and showcases tattoo culture.  Whereas other magazines have "Sex" issues this one has a "Love" issue and features couples and stories on tattooed brides.  Not saying that all women want this, but some of us do and it's nice that there is that option for us. 

And finally I can flip through a magazine and see girls I can relate to and not have tits in my face all the time. I get enough of that from TV...and Instagram.
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  1. I really like this post and totally agree with everything that you say. I feel like some of the time the girls in those magazines don't even have many tattoos and are just almost completely naked and not even showing the tattoo visibly well. I will have to check this out next time I'm at a bookstore! :)


    1. It's a London based publication so I'm not sure where to get in the States. Some bookstores carry magazines from other countries so we might have some luck finding it. You can order it from the website though.
      I addressed this once on my tumblr about how those magazines feature women. I did a screen shot of the 3 magazines from the same family. The first two were topless women covering their boobs and one was "the SEX issue" with the word SEX right by the woman's face...subtle. The last one feature a male tattoo artist...fully clothed...just standing there.

    2. I just saw this reply. I haven't been to the bookstore so I have no idea if they carry it or not. But that is just ridiculous. I hate that so much. I'm so sick of everything with about nude tattooed models.