Cornish Witchcraft

Thursday, June 19, 2014
I recently purchased a book about Cornish Witchcraft by Gemma Gary called Traditional Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways.  In this day and age, witchcraft is a term thrown about lightly and is often associated with the latest occult inspired clothing line and trendy dark fashion.  This book goes so far beyond anything I've ever read about witchcraft and is something that I've felt such a closeness to since reading it.  Most books that you purchase about the subject are Wicca in nature and anyone you meet that claims to dabble in craft is also quick to tell you that they are "pagan" or "Wiccan" and I simply do not relate.  My focus is more toward something older, something one is less able to label.  This book encapsulates all of that and more.

 Gemma Gary is such an amazing and knowledgeable witch.  This is not simply a book of quick spells that those new to the subject can easily get a handle on and feel like they're really doing something spooky.  This book is for those who are dead serious. Gary is dead serious.  This book is full of history and is a great reference to those seeking real knowledge on the subject.  Cornish Witchcraft is often overlooked when one tries to get into the subject of Witchcraft and this book is the perfect place to go to when one has exhausted all efforts of trying to find a place in the vast world of Wicca this and Pagan that.  This book is about a way of life that is much older than Wicca, and is not so much about casting spells and drawing sigils (though it does have that as well). It is also filled with great photos places of interest, tools, and of Gary herself doing what she does best.
If you're curious, here is where you can purchase a copy and I highly recommend that you do if you're at all interested in this subject.
This is a great book to have in your collection.
My own photo of workings from the book.

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Cornish Witchcraft
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