Witch Crush, Sarah Anne Lawless

Saturday, July 26, 2014

This post is a bit different than my usual "Woman Crush Wednesdays."  For one, it's not on Wednesday, it's on Saturday.  Second, my admiration for this woman is based on her skill and devotion to Witchcraft.  I don't know much about her personal life except what is written on the bio on her website, but I follow her teachings quite intently.  I've learned so much from her through her blog and I love that she's not shy about talking about the "dirty" side of witchcraft.  Her latest post on Love Spells is particularly engaging.  Witchcraft isn't always clean and safe and pretty and lollipops and rainbows.  In fact, through my education in Traditional Witchcraft I've noticed that a lot of it is rather ugly.  The charms you create aren't beautiful talismans that you get complimented on in public as if they were jewelry.  The spells often call for things that grow in the dirt (and often the dirt itself).  The poppets aren't cute and cuddly and one of my favorite spells calls for letting something rot and dry up.  Sarah has been a huge inspiration to me in my workings and I'm always excited to see that she's posted something new.  I'm also about to purchase some of her renowned flying ointments and take things to the next level.  She's also a published author, an incredible artist, and needless to say a very skilled Witch.  I identify with her Scandinavian ancestry and it really helps to learn from someone with a similar craft "style."  Check out here site and blog HERE.

Here are some of my favorite posts (just a few, there are far too many. Just go check out her blog):







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