Woman Crush Wednesday Ricarda of Cats and Dogs

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If anyone has made me miss my dark hair and bangs, it's Ricarda of the blog Cats and Dogs.  And just FYI, I gave my bangs a chop after starting this post (the hair has yet to return to it's darkened state though).  I've only been following Ricarda's blog for a short time, but every time I log on, I'm captivated by her stunning pictures and amazing fashion sense.  She somehow manages to achieve what I always strive for-  timeless classic looks with an edge.  She looks like an old movie star, but has strategically placed tattoos that give her that edgy yet classic look that Coco Chanel would have never imaged possible.  Her fair skin contrasted with her dark hair and frequently painted-red lips is to die for. I look forward to seeing how her blog progresses in the future and can't wait for more! (PS the layout of her blog is definitely enviable).

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