Grad School

Monday, December 1, 2014
I haven't been making many updates lately (on any platform, really).  Life has really taken off and I've been very busy lately. It feels good. Really good.

I am graduating in January with a BA in Art History and have also been ACCEPTED to the MFA program for Museum Exhibition Design.  It's a little surreal really.  At the end of my program I will have curated a small show and a large show that will be the basis of my thesis and will be reviewed in newspapers and magazines and also have an actual book printed.  I cried after I had my interview with the graduate committee because I wasn't sure I would get in, and I have been planning my whole life around this. But I got in, and am well on my way to becoming Dr. Sara.

I will be back to posting during the winter break and I have a lot of cool material and ideas that I'm looking forward to sharing. I have a trip planned out of the country that should be pretty post-worthy. I'm also really looking forward to sharing the journey to my degree with everyone (whoever reads this haha).

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season.