Favorite Places: Gypsy Den Costa Mesa

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

 There are two Gypsy Den locations-this one, and one in Santa Ana. I've been to both and they're both really cool.  I come here a lot and usually eat outside because it's so nice here. One of the most redeeming qualities about living in Southern California to me is the weather.  I'm not a big fan of Southern California in a lot of ways, but the weather kind of makes it all worth it. 
The food is pretty good, but it's not the biggest draw.  The best thing about this place is the ambiance and the decor and how it makes you feel.  My favorite thing to get here is the Banana Mocha which is blended and made with real ingredients so it's not as awful for you as it would be at some other place (probably). Honestly, the coffees and other drinks here are probably the reason to go.  They're also pretty veggie friendly if that's your thing.

These Sangrias weren't from Gypsy Den, they were from Habana in the same area. But they were so good I had to include them.

Finding Balance

Sunday, February 15, 2015
The past couple months have been a pretty stressful time for me.  I started grad school in January and I'm getting settled in to the routine.  But that's a whole different post...

I've quit my job and am starting another (hopefully) less stressful and time consuming job that will be more flexible with my school schedule. I'm taking a big pay cut, but I will get commission at my new job which will fill that gap a bit.  I'm willing to take that hit financially to be able to balance my life better and focus more on things that are really important to me like school and having flexibility to take time off if I need it.  I've been speaking to a lot of people I know about this kind of thing lately, and it seems like a lot of people in my life are going through this same thing.  Sometimes you need to take a step back to get ahead, and learning to be ok with that and understand that it's for the better and will make you happier in the long run is something important that I'm learning. 

I turned 30 last month and I've been feeling a little different about life since then.  Getting older is exciting and also makes you think about your priorities differently.  I also feel better equipped to deal with things and make better decisions.  I'm focusing on balancing the things in my life now.  It's difficult sometimes to balance work, school, life and hobbies and I'm really working on finding time for things I enjoy that have nothing to do with school.  I've forgotten what it's like to cook a full meal for myself, read a whole book that isn't assigned, spend time outside and do spellwork.  I'll be making a lot of posts about all of these things to help keep me on track.  I'm also going to be posting a lot about my favorite places around where I live, because I tend to get really jaded with Orange County and while I don't intend on spending my whole life here, I'm here now and I should enjoy all the good things that are here.

Things in life are overall going well and I'm looking forward to posting more in the future and hopefully I don't break my promises about balancing school and work with the rest of my life =P