Healing, Easing Pain, and Cleansing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Tonight is a New Moon.  We all know that a New Moon is a powerful time, and this New Moon is in Cancer and is making my emotions run rampant and wild.  Major life events happen, hearts crack, and sometimes you feel great loss and that the grief will never end.  But, like the moon, emotions wax and wane and if you're feeling anything like I am right now it's time to take advantage of this New Moon's raw emotional power.

With all the events that happen in your daily life, it's pretty easy to feel bogged down and cloudy.  Cleansing is something that people often overlook but it's helpful and serves a great purpose.  It's not a one shot fix all, but it certainly helps and may ease any pain or anxiety that you're feeling.  I'm usually a bit impatient and find it difficult to wait for the right moon phase so I guess I just lucked out tonight.
Knowing what to use always comes a bit easier to me.  A simple sage bath after meditation works as much, but if you're looking for something more it's best to take an actual bath.  Depending on what your goals are, you'll add different oils and herbs to the bath.  For emotions running high rose, lavender, jasmine, etc. will work.  Consult your herb books or even just think on it for a while and use whatever comes to you.  Draw your bath and get in.  Think of the issues that you're facing and what you want to accomplish.  Submerge yourself under the water three times each time thinking of the outcome you want.  Stay under the water for a while, don't rush it.  When the bath is done, drain the water and stay sitting in the bath while the water runs out.  The purpose is to get rid of everything and leave nothing behind but the residue of the oils and herbs.  

Just remember that even as emotions are in full swing with this New Moon, everything will be full and light again.
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