Solstice and Saying Farewell to the Year

Monday, December 21, 2015

Tomorrow is the first (full) day of Winter, and while it kills me that I don't live in a place with actual winters (for the time being) and that I'm always too busy this time of year to travel to a place with snow, it's still a special feeling for me.  Winter is a time when things are barren but still hopeful.  The trees are bare but there is always the knowledge that they will sprout again in the Spring.  Winter is a time for rebirth, and as the trees sit dormant it's important to remember that even though there's a chill in the air now it will soon be warm again.  In certain cities in the Arctic Circle, Polar Night lasts from November to January.  Long periods of dark must be endured before there is light on the other side.

For me, Winter is always a time of reflection.  The year begins to turn into another and I often find myself sitting alone and thinking.  I think of the past year and what I hope to accomplish when the new one comes.  This year has been really something.  I've grown a lot and learned a lot and have experienced some very real highs and lows.  Every day I felt like I learned a new lesson.  Even though they didn't always feel good to learn, it's exciting every day because I know I'm preparing for good things to happen.  This year I felt like I was constantly on the edge of something incredible.  This next year I believe that I will find out what it is.

There is a full moon on the 25th that feels promising.  I will be spending my 25th with family but I will be spending my Solstice as I usually prefer; alone.  I will drink to my ancestors and invite that they join in the rituals of a cold winter's night (cold for Southern California, anyway).  I will be leaving offerings over night so that this winter will see me well and it's always best to welcome the Cailleach than to not. She will have her drink and will be near as I sit in my warm, tiny home and dream of how my ancestors would be celebrating this day.

How will you be spending your night?
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