The Hermit

Monday, December 7, 2015
I have never practiced my craft with another human present.  This blog is the biggest glimpse that most who know me get into this side of my world.  I haven't even really spoken at length about it to anyone and honestly, no one has asked much.  I prefer to keep this for myself, though a general interest might be nice from time to time.

I have plenty of books on witchcraft and practicing alone, but I tend to think that "Solitary Witchcraft" is just anything that you do by yourself.  It isn't a new kind of craft that you have to read up on, it's simply witchcraft done on your own.  I am not a religious person so most people find it hard to grasp what it actually is that I do.

I practice folk witchcraft.  I make charms and simple spells using simple things that you can find in your kitchen or on your morning walk.  If I see a group of mushrooms growing in the dirt, I might pick one up to save for later.  I do not have a year-round altar set up.  If I feel the need to leave an offering, I will do it simply.  I have herbs drying in my home but I do not make a show of what I do.  It is something that I do for myself.  I would be happy to share it with someone if they wanted to know, but I do not need other to practice what I do.

My special blend of multiple cultures of craft into my own is what makes it personal.  I practice various aspects of Traditional Cornish Witchcraft, Scottish Witchcraft, Scandinavian, and have even mixed a bit of Haitian Vodou into the mix from time to time.

I do not believe that I can change the weather, or call gods and goddesses to do my bidding. I'm more like the old lady in the woods that you go to to get a charm to find your husband, only more accessible (with that being said, I'm open to making charms and small spells for others if asked).

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