New York Post I: The City

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last week I took my very first trip to New York City.  I've always wanted to go but never really got around to it, and honestly didn't see what all the fuss was about.  But then I went. And I have never experienced anything like it. And I loved it.

I went to work on a show that I'm curating at the CSUF Begovich gallery next Spring (I will be posting a LOT more about this very soon, but I don't wanna give away too much just yet).  I was there for 5 days and I crammed as much into it as I could.  I visited MOMA and the MET and hit up a few different galleries but those will be two entirely different posts of their own.

I can honestly say that this trip changed me.  It's so rare that I find a place that I actually feel comfortable.  I've lived in Orange County for 7 years and I've never once felt totally at home here.  I'm moving to LA this week, and that seems promising. But anywho, New York fit me.  I didn't get my usual anxiety while I was walking around alone or going into places I've never been or having to talk to people I didn't know.  I got to know the area I was staying in pretty well, figured out the subway system pretty quickly, and even found a few favorite spots in just that short amount of time.

I came back from this trip fully inspired and ready to work on my show and the rest of my life.

Well, anyway, these are some of my favorite food places:

Pig and Khao
68 Clinton St.
photo courtesy of Pig and Khao website.

When I first got there it was almost midnight.  This spot was right across the street from where I was staying and I stopped in mostly for convenience but it got GREAT reviews and it was well deserving.  South East Asian food with great vegan/vegetarian options and open fairly late. I got the Shan Noodles with tofu and was blown away.  It was just what I needed after a long day of traveling.

Prohibition Bakery
9 Clinton St.
I spent a lot of time in the Lower East Side and specifically right near where I was staying because honestly, there was so much to see and do right there that I only really left to go to meetings and museums.  This place was adorable with boozy treats and the girl working there was rad.  I was really impressed with how charismatic everyone was.

181 Essex St.
photo courtesy of Benson's website
This place was GREAT.   Great burgers, flat breads and craft beers.  The place was small and divey but had a great atmosphere and the waitress, Annie, was incredible.  So sweet and cool and was really fun to be around which was good considering there were only 2 other people there when I went (Sundays are pretty low key I guess).  Definitely recommend this place.

Pause Cafe
3 Clinton St.

photo courtesy of Pause Cafe official Twitter
I didn't get any pictures from this place, but it was the first stop of the morning on my first full day there.  This place is TINY but the guys who work here are all super friendly (they could tell immediately I wasn't from there) and it seems to be pretty popular.  It was adorable and quaint and I was served the best Chai Latte I've ever had in my life.  Definitely going back on my next trip.

Needless to say I ate well on this trip.  I didn't do ANY shopping at all, so pretty much all I did was eat and look at art and the art is coming up soon.

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