New York Post II: Gallery Tour

Saturday, March 19, 2016
Tom Laduke
CRG Gallery
 I didn't really get a lot of pictures of this one because I wasn't really prepared for it.  I did get a picture of my favorite work though.  He Tom Laduke was a student at my school and his work is really incredible.  He's mostly a painter, but the sculptures were my favorite.

Fred Tomaselli
Early Work or How I Became a Painter
James Cohan Gallery

I was lucky enough to see this show during its inception at the Begovich Gallery (which is the gallery on my campus).  I remember watching this show being installed and touring it before it was open to the public.  I also remember talking to Fred about Black Metal and his new studio. He's really great.
I was lucky enough to be invited to his house a few days later and had dinner with him and his wife and my professor.  His wife is an awesome cook and his house was so cool.  They're great people and I felt really lucky to be there.

Anyway, "Cubic Sky" was my favorite work even when I first saw it, and was even better this time around because the room was darker.  It was easier to get lost in it and I sat down and just watched for a while.  I also bumped into a guy, so sorry about that.

Glenn Ligon
What We Said the Last Time
Luhring Agustine Gallery

I was unfamiliar with Glenn Ligon's work until this day.  I had an assignment for one of my classes to select a work that dealt with identity politics and bring it to class.  I turned a corner and saw "Red Hands" and knew immediately what it was and that this was the work I was going to speak about.  It's a silk screen of a blown up photo from the Million Man March and was really intense to look at.

Patti Smith
Eighteen Stations
Robert Miller Gallery

The ever brilliant Patti Smith.  I'm a HUGE Patti Smith fan and I didn't even plan on seeing this show, I just walked in after the Tomaselli signing.  I turned the corner and saw the title wall and was floored. I mean what can I say about it really. Everything in here was beautiful and I didn't want to leave.

Also, I ran into this teeny little gallery on the way to the New Museum.  It was really incredible, but unfortunately wasn't open so I wasn't able to go inside.  It made me stop and look because it had this tiny door for a cat, which was adorable and because you know, I like cats. It also had these little miniature buildings.  They were so detailed and so realistic.

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