Blood Moon

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Full Moon that falls during the Libra cycle is called a Blood Moon.  These days, some people call any moon that appears red due to a Lunar Eclipse a Blood Moon, but traditionally a Blood Moon marks the seasons when animals were sacrificed for the Winter.  I'm often drawn to things that are cyclical and that mark times of death and rebirth.  The Blood Moon is the last of the Harvest Moons and marks the beginning of the new season.

Rituals are done this night that represent change, rebirth and new beginnings.  As the changing year approaches, use this time to plan bulbs that will bloom next Spring.  Light a white candle and say a small thank you for the abundance this harvest has brought (even if only symbolically) and eat an apple, then return the seeds to the ground. A blood sacrifice isn't necessary, but as this moon was sometimes called a Wine Moon if the grape harvest was abundant, drinking red wine is appropriate and will be a symbolic blood sacrifice.

Take time during this Full Moon to reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming Samhain.
No rituals will be done on the Sabbat.

This year's Blood Moon will be October 16th.
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