Angry Feminist- Why We Should Never be Silent

Monday, January 23, 2017
When I was 5 a little boy in preschool crawled under the table to look under my dress. I told my mom I didn't want to wear dresses to school anymore.

In first grade a boy punched me in the stomach. I can't remember why. I didn't tell on him.

In 7th grade I wore a shirt with a rainbow stripe down the side (it was the 90s) and I got laughed at in yearbook class and told I was a lesbian loudly, in front of the teacher.

In high school during a conversation a male classmate and his friend ambushed me in the middle of class and they kissed me on either cheek. Everyone laughed. I threw up in the bathroom between classes.

Another time in high school a kid in class refused to answer my question because he didn't talk to "people like me." The teacher did nothing.

At 24 I was in an abusive relationship for 4 years and was physically assaulted on my birthday. I was verbally abused for years.

After I left him his new girlfriend wrote me on facebook after months of harassment and told me I made it all up and should be ashamed.

At 25 I told my boyfriend I didn't want to have sex and he said something must be wrong with me. He would force his fingers in me even when I said I didn't like that.

At 26 a man would leave me gifts and money at my house and wouldn't leave me alone for a whole year even after I told him I wasn't interested. I was told I should give him a chance and I was being mean.
The only way he left me alone was when I threatened to call the cops.
I get an email from him once a year.

At 32 our country elected a man as president that brags about sexual assault and grabbing pussies. This man leads our country and when I express distaste I'm called a crybaby.

This is why I marched on Saturday and will never give up.
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