Backing Away from the "Witch" Label

Friday, July 21, 2017
As some of you may be aware, this blog started out as a witchcraft blog.  I have always been into some kind of craft, and was really coming into my own with Traditional Witchcraft for a while.

Then this happened....

Suddenly everyone on Instagram who had any kind of "alternative" aesthetic was claiming to be a witch.  I'm not going to judge anyone, maybe these people I've scoffed at really are trying to grow and learn, but more often than not it seems like something that has been marketed to young girls to look cool and feel "different" but fitting in at the same time. You can buy crystals in the mall now.  Urban Outfitters sells smudge sticks.  Suddenly everyone I know is telling me when Mercury is in retrograde.  I've been told "blessed be" more times on social media than I care to recall. It has gotten to the point that I feel silly discussing it.  I cringe whenever I say "witchcraft."

Most of those who identify as witches on social media these days preach of positivity no matter what, they "pray," they worship a "goddess" and they do rituals around holidays that basically just amount to lighting candles and putting tree branches around them.  Always documented with the perfectly placed photograph.  I'm as guilty as anyone, I do take photos of things like this.  However,  I have never allowed myself up to this point to be photographed doing any ritual or have taken photos of rituals myself (I have been asked many times by photographers to be invited to a ritual, I have always declined).  I'm not saying I NEVER would be photographed, but it's a very sacred thing to me, and I don't want just anyone to be able to enter that side of my world.  Most people seem far too eager to showcase.

I know, I know. I sound like that elitist old crone who shouts "fake witch" at everyone she encounters who shows an interest.  I'm always willing to guid and to help, but it's not up to me to mold anyone.  And it doesn't make it any less frustrating.  

I am human.  I do not believe in sending "good vibes" or being positive no matter what. Humans feel both positive and negative feelings, and the basis of my practice is that you must allow yourself to feel these things.  There is not god, there is no goddess, there is only you and your environment.  The path I follow doesn't mandate that I must worship a deity, and it would go against every principle I have to do so.  If you don't like someone, don't like them, that's fine.  If you feel sad, feel it.  If you feel jealous, feel it.  If you want to hex someone, do it. Witchcraft, to me, is ugly.  It's dirty.  It is dark as well as light and no matter how many nights you charge your crystals by a full moon's light, your life will never be all positive all the time, and you will never get along with everyone.

I don't talk about this side of my life anymore, for various reason.  One being I decided it's something that I want to keep sacred for myself, and I don't need validation or judgement.  I don't need to be judged on the fact that yes, I do curse. I send out negative energy. I do positive things as well.  I practice on the basis that there are two sides to every coin, and I would be lying to myself if I tried to stifle the underneath.  

Just as Stephen King said, you have to keep those gators fed.

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