Game of Thrones Finale and Kings Landing Stew with Cersei's Red Wine Broth

Monday, August 28, 2017

So last night was Game of Thrones Season 7 finale...and it was everything I ever wanted it to be.  So this time, instead of just getting a cool recipe, you also get my unsolicited thoughts about the finale and Game of Thrones Season 7 in general.  Luck you!!! First, the food though, since if you aren't into reading my ramblings about an exceptionally complicated show, you can tune out after the food pictures.

So for this dish, I put it on a little late and we didn't end up eating until late.  After the show, in fact.  But we did have lots of WINE and snacks so it was ok.  I also made a little bonus red wine spritzer thing, which was gorgeous and probably too tasty.  But tonight I was honoring the Lannisters (Cersei in particular) and the Lannisters love their wine.

4 medium carrots
8 oz muchrooms, quartered
6 red potatoes, roughly cut into chunks
whole green beans
4 green onions, chopped,
4 garlic cloves, minced

2 cups merlot
one full carton of vegetable stock
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
splash of liquid smoke
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce (vegan)
enough flour to thicken your sauce at the end

optional: Gardein meatballs, 1-2 packs

This recipe is supposed to taste earthy, and rustic and there's really no need to fuss over it.
Set your crock pot on high and let heat.  Pour in your olive oil and garlic first.  Then in add all vegetables and season with salt and pepper.  Empty in the liquid ingredients and let cook for around 4-5 hours on high.  Towards the end of cooking before the potatoes get too soft, add in the flour to thicken the sauce and the meatballs, they don't need to cook long.
It's ready when the veggies are tender, which will depend on your crockpot, mine took longer than I expected. It's best to start this early in the day and let cook allll day long.

Lannister Merlot Spritzer
Honoring the Lannisters again, I decided to use the rest of the merlot from the sauce to make a little wine cocktail.  I added ice cubes, passionfruit La Croix, and sliced apples to the wine and served on a wooden platter.  It was really tasty and set the mood a bit.

Now, as most of you know I'm GOT obsessed. I have been watching since it first aired and even got my sister into it (which saying a LOT because she HATED this show at first) and I also got Alex into it, so I'm pretty persuasive and GOT is just an amazing show.

My favorite characters have always been Cersei, the Hound, and Arya.  Brienne of Tarth gets a real honorable mention too.  In this show, there are really no "good guys" or "bad guys," everyone is kind of both.  Sure, Cersei has done some awful things, but she's strong and ready to lead and take charge in a world where women are really not given many options.  She's not afraid to take what she wants, and I admire her composure.

I was really excited to see Jon, Daenerys, and Cersei meet at the beginning of this episode.  I loved how Cersei really didn't seem impressed when Daenerys showed up on her dragons.  While I love the dragons and that whole aspect of the lore of the show, I am NOT a Daenerys fan at all.  She seems really naive and power hungry, while trying to mask it as just claiming her birth right and wanting to be the "people's queen."  It irked me when she tried relentlessly to get Jon to bend the knee, because I really thought that Jon deserved to rule more than she did.

I am a Lannister fan, and I am not afraid to say it.  My sister, her husband, Alex, and I all decided what houses we would belong to (god damn we're nerds) and I apparently got voted into Bolton and not Lannister, but whatever.  (In case you were wondering, which you weren't, Alex is Baratheon, my sister is Tyrell, and her husband is Lannister...the bastard). Anyway, we all know I'm probably just a White Walker anyway.


Anywho, I'm glad that Littlefinger got what was coming to him.  I was worried that Sansa would keep true to Sansa form and trust someone she shouldn't have and gotten herself into trouble.  Sansa and Arya had a really nice moment, that I think made that whole storyline make sense, because I really wasn't that invested in it.

Take a hike, perv.
Another great moment was Cersei turning Jamie away.  It shows how hardened Cersei really has become and how far she's willing to go to keep her position.  It has been theorized that Jamie will be the one to kill Cersei, because as much as I love her, for the show she has to die.  And she is such a dominant character that her death has to be handled in just the right way.  Tyrion could do it, but I think it would make more sense to have someone who really loves her understand that she has to be stopped and do it reluctantly instead of for vengeance.  Also, hats off to Lena Headey for really stealing the show on this one.  Cersei is a TOUGH character to play and has so many dimensions, and Heady nails it every fucking episode.  This better be the year she gets an Emmy, because for this episode alone she's the god damn all star.

Lena Headey acting from her eyebrow to her clenched hands. 

I don't really care much about Jon and Daenerys boning down, or even that they have a romantic relationship now.  I think Daenerys will have to die, for the show to go where it needs to.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter what I think and we probably won't get season 8 until 2019, and I'm probably going to lose my mind before then.

At least I have Outlander to keep me company in the meantime.

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