Truffle Oil and Mushroom Burgers for the Last Days of Summer

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Summer is coming to a close, and honestly I could not be more ready to see the Summer months end.  I enjoy pool days, the sun, long warm nights and that care-free feeling that Summer just seems to hold, but these past few weeks in LA have been so damn hot that I'm ready for a cool breeze and a god damn sweater.

The past weekend was Labor Day weekend, and that means burgers.  Even though it was overcast (but still hot as eff) we decided to have burgers by Beyond Meat.  I also found some white truffle oil on sale, so there will be many more truffle oil recipes.

Burgers are simple, so there's not much of a recipe here.  But for these Beyond Meat patties, I let them thaw a bit if they're frozen, and then I give them the seasoning treatment.  I added a touch of the white truffle oil and Worcestershire to both sides and rubbed in.  Then I sprinkled on some pink Himalayan sea salt and pepper to both sides, and finally some garlic salt.  I let them sit for a bit to absorb and then added them to a stove-top griddle to cook.  I added mushrooms to the griddle and drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.  For my burgers, I like a leaf of crisp romaine, pickles, cheese (I'm not completely vegan yet, but for Alex's I use nut cheese) and mustard ONLY.  Alex's burger is a bit different, and picture here.  He likes tomato, which I hate, and also ketchup as well as mustard.  We devoured these in just a few minutes.

What are your fav burger combos? Or something you'd like me to try?

Sorry for the half-assed recipe, but burgers are bomb and I've been busy. I've been dealing with my art show on campus, and the closing is this Saturday.  It's been tiring to commute to school (it's an hour away at least) and I haven't had much energy to experiment when I get home.  I'm open to suggestions that you guys have for recipes! Come on, I want to hear from you! What are your fav foods? Are you a meat eater who wants me to tackle your fav meal? I'm game. 

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