Living Your Most Authentic Life

Monday, January 15, 2018

Living in a time when it seems like everything is fabricated and edited to show everyone's perfect life, it can be hard to live authentically.  It can honestly be hard to even know what that means.  Let's be honest, there is a LOT of pressure on everyone these days to be perfect, to be popular, to be "branded" and to have a bazillion followers on Instagram.  It's exhausting.  You see girls with perfect hair and outfits, who have kids yet still manage to apply perfect lipstick, who have clothing companies gift them great stuff all the time, and who don't have a "regular" job and get to blog FOR A LIVING.  Social media is so fun, and can help you keep in touch with friends that you may not live near, and it can help you stay informed with news and current events.  But it can also make you see problems where there are none, feel competitive with people you don't even know, and get sad about your life because you're not making a million dollars from your perfectly branded blog (and just FYI, most of those girls have managers who help them out with this stuff).

I fall prey to it too.  I get hung up on my blog reach, and how many likes I get per picture, and why I can't have 100k followers like my favorite bloggers.  On glaringly obvious reason is the fact that I have an exceptionally demanding job that requires me to work way outside of the normal 9-5 day, 5 days a week (and I honestly love it).  I would love to cook all day and post updates every day on my blog, but my time just doesn't allow for it.  It's fantastic that my favorite bloggers are able to work from home and blog full time, but I'm just not there yet and maybe I never will be.  And that's ok.

 I started this blog with the goal to share my recipes, to promote a lifestyle that I believe in passionately, and once I start feeling myself worrying about statistics and followers, that's when I know I'm not doing it for the right reasons anymore.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to live more authentically and only post content and interact with things that I feel genuine about.  I'm making a vow to all of you that I will not be inauthentic and I will not do anything or post anything for the sake of getting likes and follows. We've all seen the studies of how social media can harm your self esteem, and another one of my New Years Resolutions is to unplug more often and to be more present.  I'm not going to stop blogging or posting on Instagram, but I am going to cool it a bit and not worry about what my life looks like from the outside (not that I really did anyway, but you get it).

We should all make an effort to live authentically and purposefully, and not feel bad about not having the perfect life, because there IS NO PERFECT LIFE.

Once again, thank you all for letting me share.

2 comments on "Living Your Most Authentic Life"
  1. It is so easy to get lost in social media and comparing and all of that. I think everyone is guilty of it.

    I want to start engaging on blogs that I follow more. I read every single blog you post but I never leave a comment. I am going to change this because I enjoy all of your blog posts.


    1. Thank you! That's so great to hear. I always worry no one reads this haha. I'm trying to be better about engaging too, I get so exhausted with it so easily.