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Thursday, March 15, 2018
Photo courtesy Into the Gloss
My grandmother was born in 1927, and passed just last month at 90 years old (I'm still reeling from this, to be honest. It's been hard). She was beautiful in her youth and honestly, she has remained just as beautiful until her very last days.  She never once had any kind of filler, surgery, and followed a very French beauty regime that was always super simple and never over complicated by a million products.  She was not afraid of her aging body or face that I was aware of, and this has inspired me to be the same way.

Here's a little anecdote:
I'm 33 years old and I was always naturally super thin and youthful looking.  In your early thirties, no matter who you are or how highly you think of yourself, your body begins to change.  I have gained 20 pounds the past couple years (cooking good food will often to that....) and I actually have to use a friggin' night cream.  I panicked when the reality of this first set in.  I bought a Groupon for Botox, went to the doctor to check my thyroid, and refused to look at myself in the mirror naked (not that I spend a lot of time doing this anyway...). I checked the scale every morning. Yup, still 135 lbs. See, there is NOTHING wrong with gaining weight, or being 135 lbs. I just had grown up with and gotten used to my 110 lb. frame and my skin that never needed moisturizer.  I was aging, and I was terrified of it.

Women are taught to be terrified of getting older.  Products are always marked towards getting younger-looking skin and the words "anti-aging" are plastered all over magazines and skin products and it's gross.  Finally one day, I realized who gives a shit if I'm getting older? That's awesome! I've graduated my master's program with an MFA, I manage an art gallery in hollywood, I have a rad apartment in WeHo...all things that I never had in my youth.  Getting older is awesome!  Mere weeks after I purchased that Groupon for Botox, I begged Groupon for my money back (like, literally begged). I began wearing less makeup and being proud of my new light wrinkling around my eyes, because that just means that I've lived a happy life.  I made an appointment to return my hair to its natural color, so I can grow out my grays gracefully (my hair went gray at 23 years old, I've never seen it in it's full glory).

Last summer I picked up a copy of Allure with one of my favorites, Helen Mirren, on the COVER.  Helen Mirren, an accomplished actress and 72 years old, was on the cover of a magazine that boasts itself as the "beauty authority."  In this same issue, the magazine announced that it would stop using the term "anti-aging."  That's big.  Once a woman hits 30, people start talking about her in a different way.  They start saying she looks good "for her age," and they start lying to you and saying how young you look.  People will frequently talk about my age and say "wow you don't look 33!" but wait...what's wrong with a woman looking her age? What the hell am I supposed to look like at 33? Why is looking younger than your age some kind of accomplishment? Let me tell you something - it's not.

Aside from my grandmother and Helen Mirren, I've recently become a fan of Elon Musk's mother, Maye.  Maye Musk is 70 years old and has been a model for 50 years.  She has a campaign with Cover Girl and not only is she gorgeous, she's smart as heck.  She's a dietitian, which you need a degree for (half of all dietitians have graduate degrees).  She rocks her silver hair with a grace that is otherworldy, and puts to rest the notion that women have to give up red lipstick at a "certain age."

Listen, I'm not saying you have to give up your retinol or skimp on your nightly skincare routine (PLEASE take of your makeup before you go to bed and remember sunscreen in the morning...). Even Maye suggests going to the dermatologist regularly, especially after 60.  But she also says that she shops for beauty products at Ralph's in Los Angeles...

Finally, at age 33 I'm ready to accept my imperfect and juuuuuust beginning to wrinkle skin, my early 30's weight gain, my greying hair, and most importantly my accomplishments and wisdom that only come with age.  Americans treasure youth and put it on a pedestal, but I get happier the older I get, and I can't wait to see what's in store and I'm ready to see laugh lines and know, down the line.

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