Vegan at the Happiest Place on Earth

Monday, April 30, 2018

I lived in Orange County for 7 years.  It was an absolute MUST to have Disney pass, to hit up Disneyland whenever you were feeling blue/bored/Tuesday and we always knew the best places to eat.  The chicken nuggets at the Golden Horseshoe, the turkey legs everywhere, the Mickey Pretzels, the big ass corn dogs at the Little Red Wagon on the way out....oh shit, those aren't vegan are they? (Well, the Mickey Pretzels actually are!)

Recently Alex and I went to Disneyland for my Belated Birthday Bash, and Alex's first time at Disney in a decade.  Needless to say, after not having been at the park since my lavish meat eating days this experience to find food was a bit different.  But let me tell you a secret - it was NOT difficult or tricky at all!! With the help of my girl at Vegan at Disneyland and her handy cheat sheet, I had the absolute best time and came home feeling full, and hungover from all the magic and wonder just like before.

First of all, I'm a nut for New Orleans Square inside the park.  My dad is a Southern Gent, and I have a close kinship with the South and all it's buttery, battered, fried food glory, so I always head straight here first.  It's also home to two of my fav rides; The Haunted Mansion, and The Pirates of the Caribbean (not a fan of the movies, however).  Once here, you can head over to the French Market Restaurant for the vegetable jambalaya, or The Royal Street Veranda for the vegetarian gumbo in the bread bowl (which I did).  The bread is sans dairy, so indulge guilt free.

If you want to stick to Main Street (i.e. if you're too hungry to go any further), hit up the Carnation Cafe, which you can spot by the red and white striped umbrellas, and ask for the Chef's Vegan Burger.  Be sure to plan ahead, as this place fills up FAST.  In fact, most places in the park that sell burgers offer a veggie version.  Make sure to order without any aioli or cheese.

If you're in Frontierland, you can stop at Rancho del Zocalo where you can order the burrito and tacos "fajita style" and they are totally vegan.  They come with grilled veggies instead of the usual insides, and make sure to ask for no cheese or guajillo sauce.  The Mexican rice is also vegan sans cheese.

One well known treat for vegans in DLand is the Dole Whip.  I've never actually had any in the park, but I've had it outside and it's amazing.

Another trick, is that anywhere in the park that sells waffles you can ask for them to be made vegan...and they'll do it!  Which is awesome, because those little Mickey head waffles are adores. Another thing that can be made in Tomorrowland.  They use Daiya brand cheese, which I'm not a huge fan of, but if you're in the mood for pizza it'll do.

I used to think it was impossible to eat vegan inside the Happiest Place on Earth, but more and more places are starting to accommodate different diets and lifestyles.  Southern California especially I think is becoming easier to navigate when you might be a little different in the food department.  We can be compassion, and enjoy life all at the same time.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have fun being vegan, because as I've proven time and time again, that's just not true.

Have fun guys!

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