Vegan in the 90's - a Trip to Saved by the Max!

Friday, August 10, 2018
When I was a kid, my sister and I were Saved by the Bell OBSESSED.  I watched it every Saturday morning, and it aired in the daytime in the summer and we would make sure to park it in front of the TV for the 2 hour block that would air on TBS, and then 2 more episodes on WGN.  Yeah, I know.  Living in LA has many perks.  We get a lot of cool stuff here and I've lived in a lot of places that don't get cool stuff.  One of the cool things is the Saved by the Bell themed diner, Saved by the Max! that popped up here a few months ago.  The place was instantly booked solid, and Alex and I booked our reservation months ago. 

I was honestly not prepared for what I would feel while setting food inside the actual Max.  Now, I'm an adult and I'm aware of this.  But I'm also a pop culture FREAK and a sucker for period clothing and nostalgia. It was like a childhood dream come true. In fact, I may have been so excited, so excited....and so scared. The level of accuracy in this place was insane, down to the cups and stickers on the payphone.  But wait....would they have a vegan option on the menu?! No one on the show was vegan!!!

Well, the answer is YES.  While the vegan options weren't plentiful (it was option...singular) they did right with what they had. With your ticket ($40 a person...not including drinks) you get an appetizer and an entree. The appetizer was a salad, that was pretty basic and nothing special, but honestly it's salad.  The entree was an Impossible Burger, and lord knows I love Impossible meat.  The burger was perfectly great for a themed diner, and the only thing that would have made it better was a slice of cheese (listen guys, I'll buy you a few packs at Whole Foods, I guarantee you won't go through it all).  We emailed when we made our reservations to let them know we were vegan, and they were so accommodating and the waiter even knew we were vegan when he first came to our table and let us know what our options were.  The drinks were a little expensive, but creative and damn good.

All in all, it was a great experience. And I think that it was definitely worth the money, if you like early 90s nostalgia at all. Plus, a lot of people were dress in early 90s clothes and character costumes and it was adorable.  The place is also an Instagram madhouse, so the lighting is a little funny while you're hanging out (but the photos come out great...).

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