Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm Tiny Wolf Heart.  The name was something that I just thought of on the fly to start this blog and it stuck.

I'm active in the LA art scene and I'm a freelance curator alongside working at an art gallery in Hollywood.  I also write reviews of local exhibitions.

I love to write and I love to cook and I get to do both with this blog!

I'm a recent convert to veganism and my boyfriend whom I live with has been vegan for over 10 years.  I think being plant based is super easy, and have honestly never missed meat in the slightest.  I'm going to try my best to help meat eaters realize that vegan and plant based cooking is super easy and makes you feel SOOOO much better.

I love all things vintage and most of my recipes are inspired by vintage cookbooks and things I ate as a child either with my family at our home in Northern California, or the tastes of Southern Living at my grandmother's house in Greensboro, Georgia that I have been going to ever since I was 4 years old.  I particularly love the Edwardian Era, the Roaring 20s and the Swinging 60s.

I live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend, Alex, and our cat, Rezzy.  I love Scandinavian culture, eating food that grows from the ground, reading a good book with a glass of wine, and living a simple life.

You can send me love notes at sara@tinywolfheart.com, I'll write back!

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